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About Us


Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it, kitsch art has a presence in the daily lives of everyone. Derived from the German word that means 'to throw together' kitsch refers to artworks such as calendars, posters, photos, advertisements, and other mass produced similar objects.

Sentimentally charming, tacky and fun all rolled up in one. The catch with kitsch is that one can never be sure if it’s supposed to be serious or not. It is this uncertainty which is amusing. At first glance this may seem like a pile of junk, but it is actually a collection of collectibles for which people would pay a lot of money. Kitsch has certainly carved a place for itself, and there are sizeable number of kitsch lovers whose passion for this art is not less in anyway than that of other, so called elite artworks.

We at Chitravali are driven by same passion for Kitsch or Bazaar art.
We are proud to have one of the largest collection of original calendar artworks which includes works of S.M.Pandit, C.Kondiah Raju, K.Madhavan, Mulgaonkar, P.Sardar, J.P.Singhal, M. Ramalinkum, Indra Sharma to name a few.

Beside this an extensive collection of film posters, old postcards, old calendars, some dating back to 1910s, vintage prints, Ravi Varma oleographs, old gramophone records, enamel board advertisements, Nathdwara paintings, old Bengal lithographs, India’s freedom movement memorabilia and other Indian collectibles.

The journey which began as a hobby, almost twenty years back with casual visits to Sunday bazaar at Lal Qila and Daryaganj book bazaar; collecting stamps, movie memorabilia and old prints etc. subsequently turned into passion, which led to criss-crossing the length and breadth of country, many a times traveling hundreds of miles without prior bookings hoping to find a masterpiece; only to find a copy work or a print instead of a painting, meeting artists and collectors, printers and publishers, small time dealers to nawabs, people trying to make quick buck by selling fakes to few who happily gifted their works.

Today the collection comprises of more than ten thousand such artworks (still adding) which is available to art lovers and collectors at lowest market prices.